lower London

by ditchburn

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The second ditchburn album.

These three were conceived, anachronistically it seems, as self-contained wholes, not as collections of tracks. If you find this stuff interesting, and can find the time in your busy schedule, try listening from beginning to end.


released June 1, 2004

All pieces copyright © 2004 robin baillie & colin gateley
except 'angel' & 'zone' copyright © 2004 colin gateley

additional keyboard wonderment on 3, 8 & 9 by larry taffe

photo: 'bridge 13' by lee berwick



all rights reserved


ditchburn Edinburgh, UK

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Track Name: bible thoughts
On a pencil, National Bible Society of Scotland
God created the heavens and the earth

Acre Rooms, Stroud
Fear God
For he is Strong

Wall plaque, Kincardine
God is my Lyf
My land, my rent
His promise is my evident,
Lat them say

Prince Pompadour, Jamaica
My God is real
My God don’t steal
My God is wicked on the battlefield

Psalm 23
He leadeth me to pastures green
For me gently down to lie
My cares to overcome
Track Name: dub vendor
Far beyond the folk form I found the ultimate sound
The golden chord
The most merciless sound around

They’re living on my lyrics like a damn insect

At the counter
Underneath the flyover
It’s written all over my body
This desire for the salty black plastic

The slates pinned like fresh fish to the
wall above the heads of the
dub vendors of Ladbroke Grove
who sold without speaking
tilting their eyes and nodding their heads
seeing right through me until
the half hour of initiation had passed
music at their pleasure
and you never heard it better
from another source ever after

Then an ear to my mouth
and my voice comes out pale and needy
“Glen Browne, Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub”

A tribute to the mighty sound makers
of the king’s town
Blow the words into my mouth
The gutter of words
A mine of shining coals
Burning fire in the throat
From the depths below
Run come turn the wheel
That spins the plate

Are you living in my ear?
A parasite eating on my blood
Hearing drums in my tongue

They’re living on my lyrics like a damn insect